The objectives of the programme are specific and understandable and meet the following topics:

The programme aims (a) export networks / distribution and sales of the target markets (b) opinion leaders (journalists, experts on the market spirits, sommeliers and chefs). They include (especially in the US) Greek and Bulgarian minority who already know the products and pass them to other groups associated with them.

On the last level measures will relate to the urban consumers ABC 25-50 years, men and women who live and work in large metropolitan centers in the target markets. The target groups will be identified with the development of measures and each time the type of action will be redefined.

The messages to be transmitted are directly related to the image of the products that we want to promote and to the targets, while at the same time take into account the specific characteristics of the target groups and the needs of each market.

The identity is the main tool for easily recognizable and stamped images and messages. It must be linked to the dynamics of the products, highlighting their specific characteristics. It will identify the strategy, resources, procedures and methods to be applied in the three years of the programme, so as to encourage the differentiation and identification of the product in the markets to which it is directed. The conception of the idea, the choice of colors, shapes, visual and verbal games combined with the nature of the product and the society to which it is addressed, are our tools to create identity. Indicative proposed concept:


Cheers! (common toast used for drinking in company)


Target 1. Enhancing knowledge of the European spirits with geographical indication

1.Improving the image

2.Consumer information on the status of identification, manufacturing method, history and traditions

Target 2. Encourage consumption of these European spirits with GI

encouraging consumption, as part of modern life.

Target 3. Entry – penetration in the target markets USA, Russia and Belarus for European spirits with geographical indication


The objectives of the project are subject to the known principle SMART, which means that they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

The consumers will be informed about the habits of responsible consumption of alcohol and how to enjoy responsibly tsipouro Tirnavou, Bourgaska Muscatova Rakya & Pomoriyska Grosdova Rakya . The concept will remind through all its applications, that the products of the programme are an experience that must be lived in a proper way, protecting the welfare of society and the consumer (Enjoy responsibly).

The Pictures-images that will be used will strengthen the moderate consumption and will be a relevant point to eating habits that contribute to a better life to those who perceive it. Even serving utensils of the programme products (vial) can constitute a message of consumption of small amounts of alcohol.