The programme includes a number of completed actions to achieve its objectives both in short and long term. Actions are selected taking into account the most modern information and promotion channels that meet the needs of each market. For this purpose there have been taken into account the main characteristics of the target markets (consumer behavior and trends in consumption demand), and the essential characteristics of the target groups in order to achieve the best possible result. Furthermore, the selection of the operations is the best combination of efficiency / cost and maximum effect. Actions will achieve a multiplier effect whitin the period of implementation. Subsequently, an analysis of actions and costs will be made as well as coordination with the objectives of the programme, with the target groups with other actions and the expected results of their implementation. The plan of actions and activities is as follows:


Identity of the programme

1.1 Logo

1.2 Electronic media (website, social networks)

1.3. Brochures

1.4 Promotional gifts

1.5 Promo film

2 .Public Relations

2.1. Degustation for professionals





2.2. Visits of professionals


2.3.Working groups


3 .Promotion

3.1. Teaser in POS

3.2. Degustation for consumers


5. Fairs

Summer Fancy Food (New York, USA)

World Food Moscow (Moscow, Russia)

Prodexpo Moscow (Moscow, Russia)

Prodexpo Minsk (Minsk, Belarus)