·         Multinational project between Bulgaria and Greece For Promotion Of Spirits With Geographical Indication (Bourgaska Muscatova Rakya - Pomoriyska Grozdova Rakya – Tsipouro Tirnavou)


·         The programme is an initiative with significant social responsibility from two member states, Greece and Bulgaria addressing important issues of national, European and world importance and is mixed and combines Information and Promotional activities support information purposes, in order to implement an effective campaign that will seek to achieve the objectives set out in European regulations.


·         The program is aimed at the markets of USA, Russia and Belarus.


·         The program is 36 months divided into 3 phases.


·         All communication and promotional materials will be labeled "Enjoy! It`s from Europe" and will be used the following topics:
- The European Union supports campaigns that promote agricultural traditions
- The European Union supports campaigns that promote
the high quality of agricultural products